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  • Art Fairthorne

Who We Are Part 4

Any political movement worth your time should fight FOR something, not just against something.

We all deserve a fair deal, and we want our votes to fight for opportunities for everyone, not just the ultra-wealthy.

We believe that our votes should fight for those of us who carry this economy on our backs through our work, wages, and taxes- all of which strengthen our economy. The same economy upon which billionaires have built their mansions, their 10 car garages, their 100- foot yachts - all while paying disproportionately less in taxes than the rest of us.

Some define success by how much you have. But as income inequality continues to run rampant, we as Democrats define success by the accessibility of economic security, opportunity, and wealth for EVERYONE.

Is it that far-fetched to want EVERY SINGLE ONE of us to have a chance at a fair share of the greatest economy on earth?

Democratic values and accomplishments are for the common good, for the common person, and for what's best for most of us- not just for those who already do extremely well. Democrats want everyone to do well, and we are proud to fight for the cause of greater equity within our economy.

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