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Who We Are Part 2

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

We’re the Party of being constructive instead of being destructive

Over the decades, it’s mostly been the Democrats that have worked to improve the lot of the majority of Americans. This has included ensuring a decent retirement thru Social Security, endeavoring to ensure personal health thru Medicaid and Medicare, trying control the greed of the wealthy through anti-trust, securities and bribery laws and trying to protect the environment by empowering the EPA. The list goes on and on and the essence of the effort has been to make American life fairer, protected, healthier and safer.

Then why are Republicans doing everything they can to tear things down? Why are they working to make things worse for Americans by removing protections and proven beneficial solutions? It makes no sense. Yes, things could be better and many things need improvement, but destruction without intelligent replacements only hurts people.

We are the Party of helping instead of taking away

Governments are established to provide order and protection to their people. In a warring world, this means that military is a large part of that protection. The next part is ensuring that the population is provided with a stable economy, with food, a health system, a fair judicial system and a stable political system. Democrats have, for the most part, worked to ensure that these things happen. Laws have been passed to set guidelines and establish dedicated agencies and experts to provide for the common good.

Then why do the Republicans want to destroy agencies set up to protect us? And to fire experts who know how things work and to replace them with political toadies whose only reason for existence is to ensure continuing power of a minority. A minority which refuses to accept the will of over 60% of Americans on guns, abortion, and health care.

We are the Party of listening instead of dictating

60% of Americans are of like mind on controlling guns, accepting abortion in some form, Social Security and health care. Democrats are listening to these people and are working to see that these ideas become part of the essence of American government. We are a Party that feels the majority mind set should rule, not the bigotry of a particular Party. Democrats have evolved to support beneficial solutions as much as possible. We abhor politics that enshrine dictatorial and authoritative oratory. Fascism, racism, anti-semitism and acceptance of violence are real and frightening elements in a significant portion of American voters. The only way to counteract this trend is to refuse to be intimidated at the ballot box and to refuse to be swayed by those trying to make us afraid of idiotic ideas.

We are the Party of inclusion instead of exclusion

No. You don’t have to like everyone you meet or accept every progressive idea out there. Prejudice is inherent in all of us. And the reasons for prejudice are often contradictory and unsupportable. We all have different data sets and histories which shape our prejudices. The problem comes when our prejudices create outcomes which damage other people. This is where morality and doing what is right comes in. Government should be structured to benefit the welfare of the majority thru ethical thought. Rule by the minority is inherently structured to exclude the majority and all other minorities.

Democrats are certainly not perfect in their efforts to create the “more perfect union” the Founding Fathers hoped for. However, we do strive to establish a system based on fairness, equality, justice and stability. We do not shun citizens who are different, but citizens who have rights not to be trampled upon.

June 20, 2023

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