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Who We Are

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Welcome to our first blog post, and the first in our series called "Who We Are"

What Does Politics Mean to You?

Almost everyone is familiar with the adage "all politics is local" attributed to former Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill. But what does that really mean to you?

Big national issues: taxes, gun control, voting rights, equal rights, education for our children, healthcare, Social Security, LBTGQ rights, and so many others.

We all pay taxes, we all watch the horror of mass shootings, we all want our children to be educated in a safe environment, we all have friends or relatives that need protection or assistance at times, we all want to benefit from the money we have paid into Social Security. Although these are big issues, they affect each one individually. Every national issue starts out as a local and individual issue.

Alone, none of us can ensure or perpetuate the values that these big issues represent. We need to join with others to establish systems that allow us to advance these values. Together we need to support laws that protect the rights and obligations inherent in these values. This is what our political system is supposed to do. Politics is how we join with each other to address our needs and solve our problems.

Each party has its own approach to how these goals are accomplished.

The Democratic Party works to protect the rights of everyone, to further the values that everyone wants and to support a political system that works for the welfare of all its citizens.

June 13, 2023


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